Deceased Estates

McNab, McNab & Starke have had a long standing and substantial profile in the area of deceased estates. The firm provides personalised, quality service with a wealth of experience, whether it be in helping with the administration of an estate or challenging, or defending a challenge, to an estate.

When a loved one has passed away, his or her estate needs to be "administered".

McNab McNab & Starke Lawyers

This task is carried out by the person's "legal personal representative". Where the deceased had a Will, the executor nominated in the Will can take on the role of the legal personal representative if he or she wants to. Where there was no Will, the next of kin can act in that capacity .

The role of legal personal representative is a responsible and sometimes onerous position and involves a number of tasks. At McNab McNab & Starke we guide you through the process and provide the necessary assistance to help make it as trouble free as possible.

Each State of Australia has its own laws and, whilst the laws of many States are similar, this website only details the law of Victoria.


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